Welcome to ToT @ ISE Lab!

Transfer of Technology (ToT) is defined as goal-orientated intentional interactions between two or more social entities during which the stock of technological knowledge remains stable or is increased through the transfer of one or more components of the technology [1].

However, one of the recognised problems in the innovation and technology management is related to the transfer of technology and knowledge between Universities and industry.

ISE Lab is working for improving this transfer of knowledge and technology to industry. We consider that public Universities should assist in the development and dissemination of high-tech applications to the market while supporting the competitive advantage of industry at both national and EU levels.

In this blog, we will post periodically a description of our industrial projects and other results we believe interesting to be transferred to industry. We hope this blog could help to increase the relationships between companies and our public research lab.


[1]  Antonio Hidalgo and José Albors, “Technology Transfer in Public University-Industry Cooperation Programmes. Proposal of a Model based on empirical evidence.”, Proceedings of 17th International Conference on Management of Technology (IAMOT), 2008.

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